Nobody wants to have to make this call, and unlike several competitors, they were calm and supportive, helping us know it happens to lots of people! We'd highly recommend them.


We discovered a minor bed bug infestation. The Bed Bug Solutions team did a great job at identifying where the infestation originated (from a bed that we brought in a number of years ago) and what the current situation was. The treatment process was painless and effective. But the most important part for me was the 1 year warranty plus the possibility to extend that warranty to keep the bed bugs from biting into the future. I highly recommend this company!


I hired this company and was 100% satisfied! They were amazing and helped us every step of the way. They were able to come treat within a reasonable time, after the initial treatment they came out to make sure they were completely gone, and our price was very reasonable and we have a one year warranty! Highly recommend this company to anyone who needs a company that does the job the right way!


They were amazing to work with. They took the time to patiently answer all the questions we had. They came in and got the job done. They were extremely friendly and felt like we had known them for years. Haven't seen a bed bug since the first night of treatment. Excellent service and quality!


Bed Bug Solutions was the perfect choice to handle the bed bug issue in my condo. The staff's knowledge and experience are very impressive. The treatment and services are highly effective. The value based on the cost and warranty are unbeatable. I have no regrets using their service and highly recommend BBS to anyone having a bed bug issue. They are simply the best!


We found bed bugs in our house. After checking reviews and everything I could find out about companies, we chose Bed Bug Solutions and we are glad we did! Their personnel were fantastic, explained everything they were going to do before they performed the work. They came back and checked to make sure the bed bugs were gone and they were, however they re-sprayed a few places just as a precautionary measure, which I appreciated. If you have bed bugs stop looking and call Bed Bug Solutions!


Stop right now and do not waste any more time looking for another solution....they are going to save you money and the stress of worrying its not going to work, all while treating you respectfully and valuing your time. How i wish i had found and used them first. They came one day and the issue we had dealt with for months-spending too much money, time, and genuine stress on-was resolved instantly! Very inexpensive in the grand scheme of things.