Bed Bug Solutions Montana offers free bed bug estimates and inspections and is the only pest control company in Helena, Bozeman, Missoula and surrounding areas offering a free one-year warranty on our low cost, bed bug extermination services! Bed Bug Solutions Montana focuses our business solely on exterminating bed bugs and we work hard to eliminate those pesky bed bugs from your home so you can sleep better at night! We are an independent, family owned, bed bug extermination company and are extremely discreet. We take great pride in our customized bed bug treatment plans. We have 100% success in of getting rid of bed bugs from homes and businesses in Western Montana everyday!

Reasons to choose Bed Bug Solutions to eliminate your bed bugs...
  • Bed Bug Treatment Experts with 100% Success Rate in eliminating bed bugs
  • One year warranty against future bed bug infestations
  • Small, family owned extermination business that takes pride in our work and works hard to get rid of your bed bug infestation
  • Privacy - we are discreet and do not wear our logo on our cars or clothing
  • Our bed bug treatments do not damage your furnishings like heat treatments can and they are a fraction of the cost